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Travel & Tours to the Island of Ilha do Cajú

Suggestion of stay / travel service at Ilha do Caju:
* Boat transfers (Parnaiba Port/Ilha do Caju/Parnaiba Port)

* Accommodation at the Island's charming guest house, incl breakfast
* Activities/Tours provided on the Island (See day by day program)
* Alternative tours/activities - see links to the left:

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The island "Ilha do Caju" is located in one beautiful and unexplored region, at the further side of the Delta of the Parnaiba River (Delta das Américas) - between the states of Maranhão and Piaui, in the North of Brazil. It is the only open sea delta in the Americas, and one of the three largest in the world. Its area of 2.700 sq. km. has 80 islands and islets. 

To the Caju Island you go by boat (3 hours) from Parnaiba or Tutoia, through the delta where you discover a tight vegetation of mangrove trees, thousands of small islands, narrow channels, and dunes. On the island there is just one guesthouse/pousada to accommodate, and it belongs to an association of Charming Hotels. The pousada offers all comfort and hospitality in an old colonial house farm. Decorated in rustic style, the main house has three suites, an American bar, and games room. Close to the main house are some charming chalets too.

The pousada serves a regional menu, rich in seafood and tropical fruits. They offer several tour options too: horseback riding, by jeep, on wild tracks or in canoes along the mangroves. The island has a rare combination of ecosystems, full of cashew trees and mangroves. The Island shelters an enormous variety of wild animals, many of witch are endangered of extinction: alligators, toucans, deers, parrots, woodpeckers, monkeys, armadillos, foxes, and many other creatures. Hundreds of migratory birds, such as scarlet ibis, roseate spoonbills, snowy egrets, wild ducks, besides river dolphins (botos) and sea turtles. A great please for nature lovers…! When to go: The whole year. Between December and June is the rain period - warm but mainly cloudy. July to November is considered to be summer and the sun is strong. Straight after the rain period, the lakes are full of water again and the sun makes the lakes very blue.