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Best buy - Domestic Plane Tickets

The plane ticket TO Brazil, you buy without hesitation cheapest in the country of your origin (NOT in Brazil). (Consult / book directly at any airliner that operates international flights from your country). The “Brazil Airpass” is the name for the most advantages plane ticket of domestic flights within Brazil. This ticket can ONLY be purchased outside of Brazil (before you travel to Brazil) and can ONLY be purchased in conjunction of an overseas ticket to Brazil. The traveler has to be a NON-RESIDENT (live outside of Brazil) to be able to buy this kind of plane ticket.

The plane ticket (Brazil Airpass) is only issued by airline companies outside of Brazil, for travel with VARIG or TAM Brazilian Airlines. The airpass has one unit price, independent if the traveler fly to; one, two, three or four destinations. The airpass’s unit price starts from approx. U$ 450,00 per person + U$ 12,00 security tax + airport taxes (the price may vary between the airline companies). If the traveler wants to fly / visit more cities, it is possible to add flights / coupons, approx. U$ 120,00 + airport tax / per each extra destination. NOTE: Max 9 different cities/airports can be included into the same airpass ticket. Children less than 2 years have 90% discount on adult price and children more than 2 years old have no discount at all, pay as adult.

Further, the general rules say that the Brazil Airpass is valid for travel during maximum 21 days, counting from the first day of usage (first domestic flight). Stopovers are limited to the total number of purchased coupons. A stopover occurs when the passenger does not depart from an intermediate point within 4 hours from arrival. A route may not be flown more than once in the same direction. Two flights forming a connection (less than 4 hours at the intermediary point) will be considered as one coupon. If a certain destination cannot be reached using one flight, up to two connections are possible at selected airports; counting as one coupon only. If a ticket is sold in South America (except in Brazil) the flight must begin either in Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo or Manaus. For domestic flights flown in connection with an international routing, the free baggage allowance for the international routing will apply (piece concept or weight system). In the event of excess baggage 1% of the economy-class fare on the route in question will be charged.

OBS: The information above is subject to change without prior notice. Always consult the airline company you will fly, they have updated information about the conditions of your specific plane ticket.


If you already have arrived Brazil without buying an Airpass, or if you live in Brazil, then you are NOT able to purchase an Airpass here in Brazil. In this case Packtours can provide plane tickets but on conditions valid for the local market, which are much more expensive than the Airpass. IF you will make ONE short trip, i.e. flying the air shuttle between Sao Paulo & Rio de Janeiro, it might be cheaper to buy a local issued ticket, but in general you must be prepared to pay much more for the domestic flights, than the airpass. IF you want to quote airfares, Packtours need to receive following information: Exact travel dates, DOMESTIC city/airport from where the travel starts, the places/cities you will fly to, complete names and age of children of all people the will travel.
: Packtours do not quote international flights, from foreign countries to Brazil.