Post & Mail Services
Postal services are pretty good in Brazil, but it happens that some consignments take very long time to arrive or just disappear, and it also occurs that some packages/letters has been torn open before arrival. Post offices are named "Correios" and are normally open weekdays 9:00 to 17:00 and Saturdays until noon. Mailboxes are small yellow boxes, market correios, that sit atop metal pedestals on street corners.

Sending mail from Brazil.
An airmail to the United States and most parts of Europe, cost from R$1.10. Airmail takes in average 5 weekdays to reach the foreign receiver. Brazil postal service has both national and international express mail services (SEDEX). International express mail companies operating out of Brazil include Federal Express and DHL.

Receiving mail in Brazil
Mail can be addressed "poste restante" and be sent to any major post office in Brazil and the system seems to function reasonably well. The address must include the code for that particular branch and they will hold mail for 30 days. American Express will hold mail for its cardholder and it is reliable alternative to have mail sent to one of its offices. If you are in Rio de Janeiro, send it to: American Express do Brazil S/A Turismo, Hotel Copacabana Palace, Av. Atlantica, 1.702/Loja 8, CEP22021-000 Rio de Janeiro. If you are in São Paulo, send it to: American Express do Brazil S/A Turismo, Hotel ….>>>>