Payments - How to pay?

Through your bank branch in your country, you just make an international bank deposit (wire transfer) to Packtours in Brazil. We remember that you as purchaser have to cover all bank fees from your bank until we receive the money. Note: Sometimes an intermediary bank, in a third country, is used to fulfill the payment. Verify this with your bank and check the option (in the bank form) “Sender to pay all bank charges” (“both my bank and foreign banks”). Packtours will add the Brazilian bank fee of US$25,00 for each transaction, the amount is added to the final package price of the travel service. To locate the payment, we need the bank receipt of the money transfer/payment (SWIFT - Receipt), therefore you must send it to us by e-mail or fax. When a requested booking is confirmed, we provide all necessary banking information to fulfill the payment. NOTE: Valid for purchase outside of Brazil...!