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Experience the best of Foz do Iguassu in 4 days

Day 1). Upon arrival at the airport in Foz do Iguassu, a transfer will take you to a chosen hotel in the city. There will be 3 nights of accommodations including breakfast and the hotel’s taxes. The first night in Foz we will have a dinner and at the same time experience a folkloric show. In Foz meets three countries, Argentina, Paraguay and Brazil whereof we will get familiar to each country’s music and dances.

Day 2). Next day the adventure starts, we go to Argentina and visit the waterfalls from that side. We will walk on footbridges above and just behind the 2,7km wide and 80m high falls. We are very close the falls and can look down to the “devils jaw”. In the afternoon we will go the Itaipu dam, the world’s biggest hydro electric power station. To have an idea of the size of the dam - they used a volume of reinforcing iron, that could build 320 Eiffel Towers and the wall is 200m high, equivalent a building of 65 floors. In the evening will across the boarder again, now visit an exclusive casino in Argentina. Even if you are not a real gambler, it is nice to go there anyway some hours, to feel the environment, have some drink and try the luck.

Day 3). In morning of the third day in Foz, we will go back to the waterfalls, this time to the Brazilian side. The tour starts by jeep through the rain forest until we reach the edge of the river. Then time to experience the best and most emotional tour, Macuco Safari. We go by boat in the direction of the falls and will approach the falls, it’s like a great rafting. After all emotions on the river, we continue to see the falls from land, where we will have the best panorama view, good for photos. By midday we have lunch at the charming restaurant Porto Canoas, beside the falls. In the afternoon we will visit the Tropical Bird Park, where it is even possible to take a photo with a Parrot on your shoulder. The evening set for free activities at the hotel.

Day 4). In the morning of the last day in Foz, we will fulfill our stay with a visit to Paraguay, where we are able to purchase cheap or very cheap clothes, electronics and other goods. In the afternoon a transfer back to the airport.