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Accommodation Place Standard Meal Room/Type Price
Park Hotel Boa Viagem Simple Breakfast Standard Consult..!
Hotel Novotel Chaves Piedade Tourist Breakfast Standard Consult..!
Holiday Inn Boa Viagem Tourist Breakfast Standard Consult..!
Blue Tree Towers Piedade Superior Breakfast Standard Consult..!
Boa Viagem
Boa Viagem
De Luxe
Dorisol Hotel Piedade De Luxe Breakfast Standard Consult..!
Atlante Plaza Hotel Boa Viagem De Luxe Breakfast Standard Consult..!

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Recife is one of the biggest cities in Brazil, and it might be considered as the capital of the northeast with more than 2 million inhabitants. The city’s name means “reef” and the explanation is simple – the city is protected by reefs. The most famous city beach is 10km long and named Boa Viagem (Good Travel), which is as much important for people in Recife as the Copacabana Beach is for people in Rio. The water’s transparence is another “utmärkande sak”. The sea between Maceio and Recife is called “the Golden Coast” with reference to the beautiful seawater and beaches. Recife is one to the best spots for diving along the Brazilian mainland coast. Just outside the city, there are many ships (vrak) which have enriched the marine life and come even more attractive for scuba divers.

There are a mixture of new and old times in Recife, an old town with ancient buildings from the 16th century and a modern city with skyscrapers built by concrete, iron and glass. It is well worth a visit, especially at night, to the historical center and its outdoor bars, where you can listen to music which is played everywhere. People from Recife love to party and go out at night, and as soon as there is an opportunity to party, they take it. Carnival is a good example on that – normally the Carnival lasts 4 days, but in Recife it may last one month. Further the Carnival is quite different here as well, so if you have enjoyed the Carnival for instance in Rio, you will experience another thing during the Recife & Olinda Carnival. Olinda is a small charming town next Recife, only 7km distance. Olinda has much more historic buildings preserved and provides with some nice accommodations as well – an alternative to Recife. See more under OLINDA.

In Recife the climate is pleasant during the whole year, almost always sunny. Only during June and July, it can be more instable with some shower, but the temperature is pleasant. During your stay in Recife you must experience a traditional city tour, visiting the historical parts of Recife & Olinda, handicrafts market, and go along the beach of Boa Viagem., Recife by Night in the old town. Further if the time permits you may go to Maria Farinha beach as well, which is beautiful and shallow, and able you to walk hundred of meters into the water without any problem. Near this beach, you can also visit the preserved Fort Orange, built in 1631 by the Dutch. Further more, Recife is used as entry city for the beach resorts along the Golden Coast, places like Porto de Galinhas, Salinas do Maragogi and Santo Agostinho. Sist men inte minst, Fernando de Noronha, ocksa kallad “Brasiliens Hawaii”, vilket tillhör delstaten Pernambuco och Recife. Det är ifran Recife de flesta flygen gar till de vackra öarna.