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Rainforest expedition on the Green Island
Among all islands along the Green Coast, south of Rio de Janeiro, the Ilha Grande Island is the biggest and best. It is considered as a paradise among adventurers with its; trails & waterfalls in the mountainous rain forest and deserted beaches & shimmering waters in the beautiful archipelago, and it played an important role in Brazil’s historical-cultural scenario for having housed a prison for almost 60 years.

Vacation / travel service in Ilha Grande:
* Transfers (Rio de Janeiro Airport or Hotel/Angra dos Reis/RIO)

* Boat Transfers (Angra dos Reis / Ilha Grande / Angra dos Reis)
* Reception & Porter Service at Ilha Grande Port to Hotel;
* Stay at chosen guest house; see options below:
OBS: Number of nights, according to your inquiry...!
* A day tour to the island´s most beautiful beach - Lopes Mendes
* Alternative tours/activities - see links to the left:

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Accommodation Place Standard Meal Room/Type Price
Pousada Cavalo Marinho Vila Abraão TOURIST Breakfast Standard Consult..!
Pousada Agua Viva Vila Abraão TOURIST Breakfast Standard Consult..!
Pousada Caúca Vila Abraão TOURIST Breakfast Standard Consult..!
Pousada Manacá Vila Abraão TOURIST Breakfast Standard Consult..!
Pousada Ancoradouro Vila Abraão TOURIST Breakfast Standard Consult..!
Pousada Pescador da Ilha Vila Abraão TOURIST Breakfast Standard Consult..!
Pousada Praia D'Azul Vila Abraão TOURIST Breakfast Standard Consult..!
Pousada do Canto Vila Abraão COMFORT Breakfast Standard Consult..!
Pousada Só Natureza Vila Abraão COMFORT Breakfast Standard Consult..!
Pousada Asalem Vila Abraão COMFORT Breakfast Standard Consult..!

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FACTS ABOUT ILHA GRANDE: The Ilha Grande Island is located 1,5hour by boat from Angra dos Reis or Mangaratiba, south of Rio de Janeiro City. The approximate distance from Angra dos Reis to Rio de Janeiro is 170km, to Paraty 100km, to Ubatuba 170km and to São Paulo City 410km. The island is situated in the state of Rio de Janeiro and has about xxxx inhabitants.

HOW IS ILHA GRANDE: Ilha Grande (the Big Island) was once inhabited by Indians from the Tamoios and Tupinambas tribes. They named the island Ipaum (Big) Guacu (Island). The island was discovered by the Portuguese in 1502 and was initially a haunt for pirates and slave traders. Later they were replaced by coffee and sugarcane plantations, but by the end of the 19th century these plantations were abandoned and the forest took over again. During the 70s Ilha Grande became a State Park and a Biological Reserve. The island has been “protected” of “mass-tourism”, because it was a prison hosting dangerous criminals until 1994 that kept most tourists away. Since then, the movement of tourists has steadily increased, but nowadays the island’s society is trying to protect and maintain the beauty of Ilha Grande and keep the charm and simplicity of the island’s village, Vila Abraão.

The island is very beautiful, with lots of green, and has fascinating landscapes, about 100 small marvelous beaches with different characteristics, backwaters, rivers, lagoons, waterfalls, plains, mountains and peaks spread out over 193 km². The proximity between the Atlantic Forest and the sea is quite close and the paradisiacal sites are abundant. Many beaches are accessible only by trail or boat. Here you can find peaceful places and enjoy the nature. Do snorkeling, diving, trips by boat, trekking, bird watching, etc. In the village of Vila Abraão, you find small shops, restaurants and a variety of accommodations. It is also good to know that the village’s beach is used as port and not good for swimming. There is another beach good for bath, next to the village, which you can reach by a 10min walk, but the sand is a bit coarse there. Therefore it is recommended to go by boat every day, to some of the island’s really good beaches. For those that enjoy diving, there are several good spots for diving as well, and it is also possible to take a diving certificate during your stay.

GOOD TO KNOW: There is no bank or cash-dispenser on the island and the credit cards are not accepted everywhere, so good to bring some extra cash. There are no roads / car traffic and wild camping is forbidden.

WHEN TO GO / CLIMATE: Ilha Grande is possible to visit all around the year. There are no big variations in the climate on the island. The hottest period (summer) is from November to March, when the precipitation is highest as well. The coolest period (winter) is normally from June to August, when it is quite dry as well. The average annual temperature is around 24ºC, with average annual high of 30ºC and average annual low of 18ºC. The winter might be comparable with summer climate in northern Europe.

HOW TO GO: To go to Ilha Grande, as it is an island, one has first to go to the port in Angra dos Reis or in Mangaratiba. Angra dos Reis can be reached by air from Rio de Janeiro by small aircrafts on regular basis, where Packtours can book this local flight and arrange airport transfers. But the most common way is to arrive by land (car / bus) a 2,5-hours ride from Rio de Janeiro (via road BR-101), then take the ferry boat or charter a boat from Angra dos Reis to Ilha Grande, which takes approximately 1,5h.

GOOD TO KNOW: Theoretically, Packtours could arrange a “taxi transport” from the airport or a hotel in Rio de Janeiro, to the bus terminal (depot) in Rio, then bus ticket for travel to Angra dos Reis, then another “taxi transport” from the bus terminal in Angra to the port – BUT, the cost of all this service does not compensate the cost of a regular DIRECT transfer “from door to door” in a van or bus, that Packtours arrange for you. And this kind of travel is also without doubts more convenient and you gain/save valuable time of your vacation as well. Packtours can arrange regular or private transports from Rio, we make all necessary travel arrangements you may need.

HOW LONG STAY: For the first time visitor we recommend at least a two night stay (to get one full day in Ilha Grande), to able a tour in the beautiful archipelago or make some trekking, and at night stroll around in the small, rustic and quite simple village. Besides the pre-booked hotel and transport service from Rio de Janeiro, Paraty or Sao Paulo, we recommend you to book “a tour by boat / to Lopes Mendes Beach”.


Festival of Music and Ecology in Ilha Grande (First weekend of July)
New and some old famous musicians and compositions give the opportunity for the public to listen to Brazilian music for free. The last weekend of June, the first part of this festival is hold on the main land, at the wharf of Santa Luzia, and the first weekend July the second part is hold at the village Vila Abraao in Ilha Grande.

Religious processions
There are several Religious processions held at Ilha Grande, but the two main events might be the procession of Saint Pedro (end of June) and the Fest of Patron Saint

Vila Abraão Village
Make recognition walk in the small village, visit some of the handicraft store and have dinner at one of the village restaurants.

Beach of Lopes Mendes
This beach is considered as the most beautiful beach on the island and one of the best in Brazil. The access might be walking the trail from the village (quite far), but the most common way is by boat from the village to a nearby beach, a beach that is on the opposite side of the island and the beach of Lopes Mendes. Everyone has to walk across the island (a straight part) but one has to go over a mountain crest, and it can be tiring for untrained people. The boat goes rarely directly to the Lopes Mendes beach, as it is open water, with very high waves. The beach is good for surfing, and by the end of beach, there is a nice waterfall. You may also try the donuts they sell on this beach.

Schooner tour to Lagoa Azul or Lagoa Verde
As the “big island” Ilha Grande is surrounded by many small islands in a fabulous archipelago, it is strongly recommended to enjoy a tour by boat and visit either the Blue Lake (Lagoa Azul) or the Green Lake (Lagoa Verde), both very beautiful and quite similar. During these tours, there will be stop for snorkeling / swimming, and also time for lunch.

Schooner tour to Gruta do Acaia.
It is a full day tour by boat, to the cave of “Gruta do Acaia”. To visit this cave is a great experience and take quite long time, as it is located on the opposite side, but there is an enjoyable tour by boat as well.

Trekking to the mountain of Pico do Papagaio.
This trekking takes about 7 hours but by the time you reach the top, there is a fabilus view of the bay of Ilha Grande Island. On the way you will be able to observe the fauna and flora of the Atlantic Rain Forest. Before leaving the village, you may prepare a backpack with sun screen, mosquito repellent and you may be physically prepared and will need a local guide orient you.

Take a “taxi-boat” to Saco do Céu
In this beautiful bay, quite near from Vila Abraão Village, is a gastronomic center located. It is a very peaceful and romantic place with almost no electric power. Here you may enjoy a lunch or dinner.