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Boat Transfers to and From Ilha Grande, RJ

There are two possibilities to go to Ilha Grande by regular ferry boats from mainland. Either you go from Angra dos Reis or from Mangaratiba. (Of course exists the possibility of private boat transfers as well). The distance between Mangaratiba and Ilha Grande (the village of Abraćo) is 23 km, and it might vary between 1:15h and 1:40h to go by ferry boat. The distance between Angra dos Reis and Ilha Grande (the village of Abraćo) is 21 km, and it might vary between 1:15h and 1:30h to go. The tickets you buy upon arrival at the port, and it is recommendable to be there in good time, especially during high season, to get a ticket. You can also buy the ticket in advanced through Packtours, together your booking of accommodation. If you travel by car to Angra or Mangaratiba, you must park the car on the mainland, you can not take the car with you to the island. There are parking near the ports. To go from Rio de Janeiro to Angra dos Reis takes about 2,5 hours and the distance is about 150km. Mangaratiba is closer to Rio, a distance of 100km. Packtours can also arrange the transport from Rio or Sao Paulo. Of course the best (most secure & convenient) way to go, is to buy a complete package with all transfers, tickets and accommodation at Packtours in advanced.

FROM TO Weekday Departure Arrival +/-
Mon. To Fri.
Angra dos Reis Ilha Grande Sat./Sun/Holidays 13:30 15:00
Ilha Grande Angra dos Reis Daily 10:00 11:30
Mangaratiba Ilha Grande Daily 08:00 09:30
Ilha Grande Mangaratiba Daily 17:30 19:00

Subject to Alterations without further notice.