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Diving in Ilha Grande, RJ

In the surroundings of Ilha Grande (the big island), near Rio de Janeiro, you might enjoy the great waters of diving. This is one of the best places for diving along the Brazilian coast. If you already have a diving certificate, then Packtours can set up a program with reference to your desires. For those that don’t have the certificate, then you can get one PADI Diving certificate in four days. There are also possibilities to make a "baptism dive" which means you get a fast instruction about diving and then, in the same day, you can make a simple and shallow dive together with an instructor, a great option for those that what to try the sport, but not diminish the individual security.

1)      Gruta do Acaiá // 23°09,09´S // 044°22´W

2)      Naufrágio do Califórnia // 23°09,06,00´S // 044°21,00´W

3)      Naufrágio Pinguino // 23°07,01´S // 044°16,09´W

4)      Ilha dos Macacos // 23°04,08´S // 044°14,01´W

5)      Ilha do Meio

6)      Ilha do Pau a Pino 

7)      Ilha das Palmas

8)      Ponta de Lopes Mendes

9)      I. Jorge Grego // 23°13,02´S // 044°02,03´W

    10)  Ilha do Meros // 23°12,08´S // 044°21,04´W