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Favela Tour - by van
>> Discover the "real" Rio de Janeiro - visit a shanty town <<

The Favela Tour reveals the way of life of around 20% of Rio population. It changes the general idea that favelas are simply no-go areas dominated by criminals only, and opens a new perspective over Rio society. It is a tour to understand the city, its contrasts and paradoxes.

The tour takes the visitors to the community of Vila Canoas, with around 2500 people, and Rocinha, the largest favela in Brazil, having around 60.000 dwellers. Both are placed within the rich neighborhood of São Conrado. In Vila Canoas, we make a walking trip through its narrow alleyways and get a good idea of its local initiatives that are also part of many Rio favelas. Once in Rocinha, the contrasts are more evident as much as we go higher and deeper inside. Its huge dimensions, wide variety of commerce and breathtaking view from the top is certainly impressive for any visitor.

The tour has two departures a day and takes about 3 hours.
See approximate program schedule below:
Start at 9:00 or 14:00 with Hotel pick-up.

9:30 or 14:30: Arriving in Rocinha, explanations about the architecture, public services, carnival etc. Going to a local terrace, pause for pictures of an amazing view to Rio de Janeiro, talks about security and many other aspects of local society. Driving down the Gavea Street, stop at the commercial area, visiting the handcraft center.

10:30 or 15:30: Arriving in Vila Canoas, visiting the community school, this project is been partly financed by FAVELA TOUR and there the tourist can also buy nice handcrafts made by local children. Walk though the narrow pathways inside the favela, explanations about the urbanization project for favelas, politics, religion etc. Optional stop in a local “buteco”. Walking back to our vehicle.

11:30 or 16:30 PM: Starting the way back to the hotel, through the south beaches area, giving the final explanations about Rio society and its social contrasts.

OBS: During the weekends the community school of Vila Canoas is not operating. Instead we stay and walk longer inside Rocinha, visiting the street fruit market and walking deeply inside it. The tour is not operated on Sunday afternoons, and the Sunday morning tours start one hour later, at 10:00AM.