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Travel to Guarujá Beach
Guaruja is a popular beach resort near to Sao Paulo city. It is perfect for those that want the feeling of the sun and sea during a weekend, and won’t spend much time in the traffic. It is also a good start of a travel along the green coast between Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. As it is quite close to the airports (Guarulhos and Congonhas), it is an alternative of overnight instead of stay in Sao Paulo City.

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FACTS ABOUT GUARUJA: Guaruja is located in the state of Sao Paulo, 90km from São Paulo City. It is an island but as its position is so close to the continent, liked with bridges and ferry boats, no one understands it as an island. There live about 295.000 people, but during high season the population increase three times or more. The distance to Santos is approx 13km, to Ilhabela 135km, to Ubatuba 213km, to Paraty 288km, and to the port in Angra dos Reis 387km.

HOW IS GUARUJA: The city and island of Guaruja is a popular beach resort among Brazilians, with both urban as well as desert beaches. Guaruja was founded in 1893, but since then, the town has grown a lot and today is frequented by tourists and weekend residents from Sao Paulo City. The beaches are beautiful of light colored sand that causes green and turquoise colored sea waters. Here is an interesting frontier between dark colored sand, from Santos and to the south, and light colored sand from Guaruja and to the north, in the direction of Rio de Janeiro. The best and most popular beaches for swimming might be the Praia Enseada and Praia de Pernambuco beach, but Packtours recommends also a small charming desert beach named Praia do Eden.

Besides enjoying the beaches Guaruja, there are possibilities of practicing sports as well. Every year the island hosts competitions of sports like tennis, cycling and surfing. The island also has one of the oldest golf courses in Brazil, inaugurated in 1960. The course covers an area of 200 thousand square meters (239.2 square yards), with 11 holes. Guarujá’s golf course is considered as difficult, demanding both expertise and precision from the players. Another great attraction is Guarujá’s Aquarium, the biggest in South America with more than 700 species of marine animals. There are also several options of shopping centers, supermarkets, bars, restaurants, hotels and a lively night life during summer - especially during high season (December until March).

Not everyone appreciate urban city beaches, like the beaches in Rio de Janeiro, Honolulu, or in Guaruja, according to the absence of untouched green nature, but they use to please its visitors anyway. You are able to enjoy the sun and sea there as well, but with the advantage of the nearness to, in this case, Sao Paulo City and its airports. To go to Guaruja takes only one hour and will cost you less (money & time) then traveling to other beaches on the north shore. Instead of staying in Sao Paulo City, a stay in Guaruja will be more pleasant, as you will feel the fresh air from the sea, take sun on the beach and stroll or bicycle along the beach promenade.

HOW TO GO: By Air: Arriving the airports in Sao Paulo (Congonhas / CGH) or (Guarulhos / GRU), Packtours can arrange convenient TAXI service to Guaruja, it may take slightly more than one hour to go. By Road: It is possible to go to Guarujá via the Imigrantes Highway (SP-160) or via the Anchieta Highway (SP-150). Packtours rent cars, which is recommended for the more experienced traveler, (advantage to be Portuguese Speaking). But for those that give priority to convenience and security, we arrange TAXI service as well between Guaruja and Sao Paulo, and for budget travelers it exists public buses.

WHEN TO GO / CLIMATE: The annual mean temperature stays around 18ºC – with a maximum of 27ºC, and minimum of 15ºC. The climate is humid and moderate, the summer and rain season last from November to March, and the “winter” dry season between March and October. NOTE: Wintertime it is normally warm and possible to enjoy the beach, except when a cold front temporarily appears from the south, then it can be cool, windy and rainy. The sea water is also cool wintertime, approx 15ºC.

In February, the city hosts both the International Tennis Tournament and the National Surfing Festival.

Guarujá Golf Clube
It is located at 545, Avenida das Américas, Pernambuco Beach. It opens every day, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Acqua Mundo Theme Park
The biggest aquarium in South America, it has more than 700 species of aquatic animals. It is located at 2001, Avenida Miguel Stéfano, Enseada Beach.

Barra Grande Fort
Dating back to 1584, the fortress was built by the Spanish colonizers. In there we can see panels of Manabu Mabe’s. It is accessed by the Santa Cruz dos Navegantes road, or by boat, from the Ponte dos Práticos (Pilot’s Bridge).

All stores in the city, especially in its center, work in special service hours, until 10 p.m., even on weekends, when there are more visitors in the city. It is worth visiting the craft fairs on the Pitangueiras and Astúrias beaches.

Branca (White) Beach
Accessed by trails from the Bertioga ferry or by boat from the Pontão de Bertioga.

Preta (Black) Beach
A desert bay. It is accessed by trails from the Branca Beach, or by boat from the Pontão de Bertioga.

Camburi Beach
Strong waves. It is accessed by trail from the Preta Beach.

Pernambuco Beach
It is the ideal beach for the practice of nautical sports.

Enseada (Bay) Beach
Popular, beautiful urban beach (only one floor buildings), here are bike lanes, promenade and kiosks along the entire beach.

Praia do Edem Beach
It is a tiny, charming, desert beach with white soft sand, sometimes with strong waves. The access is some tricky, via a short trail.

Praia do Tombo Beach
It is a nice, urban beach with white soft sand, with strong waves, but not good of bathing for small children.

Pitangueiras and Astúrias Beach
Those are the busiest urban beaches in Guaruja, popular among weekend residents, with high building constructions - nothing we recommend to our clients.