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Brazilian Folkloric Show in Sao Paulo

Enjoy the best folkloric show in São Paulo. The house is open Mondays to Saturdays, from 21:00. The first hour, there is some live music, artists performing traditional Brazilian music & songs, meanwhile you taste the house’s food or maybe only some snacks and drinks. About 21:45 a short “Caiperinha Show” and at 22:00 the folkloric show starts and lasts for approx 1h20. During the show you will experience traditional Brazilian folkloric elements, like samba, feel the atmosphere of Carnival, the typical Caipeira dance, football and much more. After the show the house continues open for those that want to enjoy some more snacks and drinks. Packtours sell the basic admission ticket for you to access and guarantee a table the night you desire. Upon a request, we can also include transports to the show and special packages including dinner, snacks, drinks, etc.